GPS Counseling Center
for Addiction Treatment

Providing Complimentary Aftercare for Program Graduates.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Discover transformative healing at GPS Counseling Center’s Addiction Treatment Program. Through group therapy, participants foster connection, communication skills, and relapse prevention, creating a supportive community for lasting recovery.

Individual Therapy

Unlock recovery with Individual Therapy: tailor relapse prevention plans, navigate triggers, and build coping skills. Sessions address alcohol/substance-related challenges, exploring personal barriers and uncovering addiction roots for lasting change.

Family Therapy

Educational and supportive, Family Therapy equips loved ones with insights into substance abuse, fostering understanding and teaching tools for supporting individuals in and after treatment, addressing communication, co-dependency, and boundaries.


GPS Counseling Center’s commitment to graduates includes 42 weeks of aftercare, featuring weekly drop-in sessions for enduring recovery. Essential guidance and encouragement are extended to new participants on their recovery journey.

Welcome to GPS Counseling Center for Addiction Treatment Your Path to Recovery

At GPS Counseling Center for Addiction Treatment, we understand that the journey to sobriety can be challenging, and we’re committed to guiding you every step of the way. Our dedicated team of professionals provides a non-judgmental, caring, and drug-free environment, ensuring the success of our various programs.

We specialize in providing a flexible and personalized Intensive Outpatient Program that addresses substance abuse. Our program is designed to cater to individuals struggling with alcohol and chemical dependence. Our approach allows you to maintain a daily life outside of the treatment center.

With a focus on personalized treatment plans, detoxification referrals, and a combination of group and individual therapy sessions, we ensure your unique recovery needs are met.

Addiction Treatment in Modesto, California

Substance Use Disorder: A Path to Recovery

Substance Use & Mental Health

Managing both mental health conditions and substance abuse—often referred to as dual diagnosis—presents a multifaceted challenge that can feel intense and intricate

Development of Further Addictions

Managing both mental health conditions and substance abuse—often referred to as dual diagnosis—presents a multifaceted challenge that can feel intense and intricate

Balancing Your Life in Recovery

Managing both mental health conditions and substance abuse—often referred to as dual diagnosis—presents a multifaceted challenge that can feel intense and intricate

Stories of Recoveries

At GPS Counseling, we’ve helped hundreds of individuals reclaim their life and their power. Here are a few of our recent tesimonials…

testimonial 3

Susan Cole

A month ago

"Gary & David truly care..."

My experience with everyone at GPS has been great. Having a family member with addiction is a very difficult situation, but Gary and David truly care and want to help not only the person who is addicted but everyone in the family. They don’t just treat the addiction, they try to get to the root cause. There are always things in every company that can be improved on, but GPS has been fantastic. Thank you very much!
testimonial 4

Ashlee Prentice

A month ago

"Everyone at GPS was helpful & hands on..."

GPS counseling was definitely a life savor in my position. They helped to pick myself up off the floor and finally get sober. Everyone at GPS is very helpful and hands-on with helping me to learn and understand addiction and how to overcome it. I also really like the small group aspect , it really helps to make it easier to open up in group. Thank you so much, GPS.

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Pathways to Recovery

At GPS Counseling, we have plenty of options for helping you or your loved ones through these difficult times. 

Substance Use Screening and Monitoring

Our comprehensive substance abuse screening and monitoring services support clients in maintaining accountability. We also collaborate with external parties, such as employers, probation officers, or family members, by providing them with feedback on the client’s progress, subject to client consent.

Client Assessments

Our expert addiction counselors at GPS Counseling Center for Addiction Treatment offer personalized assessments to better understand and address individual needs. To schedule an assessment, clients are required to make an appointment.

Our comprehensive client-based approach ensures that our clients receive the best possible care and guidance on their journey to recovery.

Refuge Recovery

Exploring the Benefits of Refuge Recovery in the Recovery Journey
Navigating the path to treatment and sustained recovery from substance abuse or mental health issues is a daunting task. While it’s a challenge best not faced alone, traditional approaches like 12-step programs—first introduced by Alcoholics Anonymous—may not be suitable for everyone. Different belief systems, worldviews, or personal preferences might make alternative avenues more fitting. This is where Refuge Recovery can provide a much-needed option.

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Group Therapy

At GPS Counseling Center for Addiction Treatment Intensive Outpatient Program group therapy is the primary mode of treatment. Group therapy allows participants to step out of the shadows of shame, secrecy, and isolation and develop a level of community among fellow participants.

Participants who take part in group therapy sessions can improve their communication skills and build connections with other people who are also working to recover from addictions.

Group therapy reinforces mindfulness and healthy ways of interacting and relapse prevention. Allowing participants to learn from the experiences and perspectives of other people. Those that are newer to recovery noticeably benefit from those who have been sober longer.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy provides an opportunity to develop and modify relapse prevention plans, identify triggers and develop coping skills.

Sessions are designed to support clients as they work on the identification and resolution of alcohol and or substance-related problems.

Exploring personal barriers, behaviors, and or challenges in the way of recovery. Uncovering the underlying roots of substance abuse addiction.

Family Therapy

Family therapy provides education and support so family members of loved ones can better understand the role and impact of substance abuse.

Learning how to support a loved one in treatment and after treatment. Addressing issues such as communication, co-dependency, and recognizing how to set boundaries.

After Care

GPS Counseling Center for Addiction Treatment, we extend our commitment to our graduates and alumni by offering 42 additional weeks of aftercare.
This program permits weekly drop-in sessions, fostering long-term recovery and stability for our graduates.

Simultaneously, these sessions provide essential guidance and encouragement to new participants embarking on their journey to recovery.