Our Services

What We Do

GPS Counseling Center for Addiction Treatment, specializes in addressing a diverse range of substance abuse addictions, including:

Alcohol Addiction

Opiate Addiction

Stimulant Addiction

Prescription Drug Addiction

Substance Use Screening & Monitoring

Our comprehensive substance abuse screening and monitoring services support clients in maintaining accountability. We also collaborate with external parties, such as employers, probation officers, or family members, by providing them with feedback on the client’s progress, subject to client consent.

Client Assessments

Our expert addiction counselors at GPS Counseling Center for Addiction Treatment offer personalized assessments to better understand and address individual needs. To schedule an assessment, clients are required to make an appointment.

Our comprehensive client-based approach ensures that our clients receive the best possible care and guidance on their journey to recovery.

After Care

GPS Counseling Center for Addiction Treatment, we extend our commitment to our graduates and alumni by offering 42 additional weeks of aftercare.
This program permits weekly drop-in sessions, fostering long-term recovery and stability for our graduates.

Simultaneously, these sessions provide essential guidance and encouragement to new participants embarking on their journey to recovery.

Family Therapy

Family therapy provides education and support so family members of loved ones can better understand the role and impact of substance abuse.

Learning how to support a loved one in treatment and after treatment. Addressing issues such as communication, co-dependency, and recognizing how to set boundaries.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy provides an opportunity to develop and modify relapse prevention plans, identify triggers and develop coping skills.

Sessions are designed to support clients as they work on the identification and resolution of alcohol and or substance-related problems.

Exploring personal barriers, behaviors, and or challenges in the way of recovery. Uncovering the underlying roots of substance abuse addiction.

Group Therapy

At GPS Counseling Center for Addiction Treatment Intensive Outpatient Program group therapy is the primary mode of treatment. Group therapy allows participants to step out of the shadows of shame, secrecy, and isolation and develop a level of community among fellow participants.

Participants who take part in group therapy sessions can improve their communication skills and build connections with other people who are also working to recover from addictions.

Group therapy reinforces mindfulness and healthy ways of interacting and relapse prevention. Allowing participants to learn from the experiences and perspectives of other people. Those that are newer to recovery noticeably benefit from those who have been sober longer.